5000 Designs and Motifs from India by Ajit Mookerjee

By Ajit Mookerjee

Incredibly wealthy treasury of genuine royalty-free designs tailored from artifacts of the Harappa tradition, cash and pottery from South India, Ajanta and Bagh work of art, Muslim monuments, Buddhist temples, textiles from Gujarat, Punjab, different areas, mask and tribal arts, even more. instantly usable fabric or nice source for layout idea. creation. Notes.

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Yet the machine which took his place failed to guide popular sensibility or to produce any aesthetic standard. In the place of the quality products by the craftsman, the machine took charge and substituted quantity. Where the one excelled in individuality and personal touch, the other went by sheer number and anonymity. When production on a large scale became possible by the use of the machine, the products were characterless. The craftsman who inherited the “group soul” or the sum total of artistic consciousness preceding him, functioned at his best when both his material and spiritual satisfaction were assured by society.

1. Decoration and ornament—India—Themes, motives. I. Mookerjee, Ajit. II. Title. com FOREWORD THE ILLUSTRATIONS presented in this book have been selected from different sources as typical of Indian traditional designs and motifs. In spite of their variety and complexity, an unerring thread of continuity, growing out of the inner logic and dynamism of the people from region to region, connects these elements. These designs and motifs may be a great source of inspiration to the designer-artist who can take full advantage of them.

PLATES 45—52 Buddhist, Jain and Brahminical temples PLATES 53—105 Jewellery and metal wares: mainly Rajasthan, South India, including folk specimens PLATES 106—152 Textiles: woven—mainly Banaras, Orissa, Dacca, Gujarat, Maharashtra; printed—mainly Jaipur, Murshidabad, South India, Gujarat; embroidered—mainly Punjab, Saurashtra, Himachal Pradesh, Hyderabad, Assam, Manipur, including Bengal Kanthas PLATES 153—166 Paintings and drawings: mainly Orissa, Bengal, Rajasthan including Alpana, Kolam and Kasoti PLATES 167—195 Miscellaneous items including migration of Indian motifs PLATES 196—200 Masks and tribal arts: mainly Orissa, Naga, Bengal and Madhya Pradesh INTRODUCTION ART is applied life.

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