A heart of wisdom : religion and human wholeness by Maurice S. Friedman

By Maurice S. Friedman

Drawing on virtually part a century of immersion within the world's nice religions, Friedman takes a dialogical technique by which spiritual truth isn't visible as exterior creed and shape or as subjective thought, yet because the assembly in openness, presentness, immediacy, and mutuality with final truth. faith has to do with the wholeness of human existence

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Gandhi gave an incomparable demonstration of the way this could be put into practice in his satyagraha, his nonviolent direct action. He who is ever brooding over results often loses nerve in the performance of duty. He becomes impatient and then gives vent to anger and begins to do unworthy things; he jumps from action to action, never remaining faithful to any. 3 The Buddha was a greater social revolutionary than Gandhi; for he rejected the Hindu caste system. For him a Brahmin was not a person who has a certain caste-mark on his forehead, but a person who is noble in character and action.

It is only modern consciousness that has converted these commands into the impersonal "one must" of the social norm. The "ought" implicit in the command can be derived only from the responsibility of the person to what claims one in the particular situation in which one finds oneself. One does not apply the Ten Commandments to the situation: one rehears them as utterly unique, present commands. Only through this "rehearing" do injunctions such as not to kill, not to steal, and not to bear false witness take on concrete meaning.

Not only is there no illusion in this world, there is no escape from the world. The Buddha nature, the particulars and the no-particulars are all one reality. It is impossible for us to meditate on any reality, religious or otherwise, without pointing to it. Through these pointers-words, symbols, myths, even rituals, we enable ourselves to retum again and again to the insight or the contact we have achieved. But then the second step always follows: the tendency to regard the pointer as the reality 18 A Heart of Wisdom and to lose what it is pointing toward.

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