A history of light and colour measurement: science in the by Sean F. Johnston

By Sean F. Johnston

Imagine that brightness of sunshine is not any monstrous deal? re-examine. :-)

With bankruptcy titles like bankruptcy 2's "Light as a Law-Abiding Quanitity" or bankruptcy 3's "Seeing Things", this publication has as a lot middle because it does wit.

Intelligently written, it presents a big counter-weight to all flights of fancy (successes--Plank's Black physique Radiation--and failures--N Rays! lol) in addition to their public conception.

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Seebeck reported a new ‘thermoelectric effect’ in 1821 and then demonstrated the first thermocouple, consisting of junctions of two metals which produced a potential difference (voltage) when at different temperatures. In 1829 Nobili constructed the first thermopile by connecting thermocouples in series39 . Macedonio Melloni, a Professor and Director of the Institute of Physics at the University of Parma, helped to modify the design in 1833 to adapt it for radiant heat measurements rather than for temperature differences produced by contact and conduction40.

Moreover, neither was critical in its effect on photographic density: a factor of two either way (typically amounting to a latitude of a minute or so) did not seriously influence picture quality. Thus 20 Light as a Law-Abiding Quantity exposure time, readily controllable to a few seconds for an exposure lasting several minutes, could be regulated easily to the necessary precision. Even when a gross error in exposure did occur, the later methods of plate development could compensate. Common practice with the relatively ‘slow’ materials of the period was to hold the plate up to a dim lamp periodically during development and wash it free of chemicals when it was judged to be sufficiently dark.

2 (1962) 67–73; Arnquist W H 1959 ‘Survey of early infrared developments’ Proc. Inst. Radio Engrs 47 1420; Lovell D J 1968 ‘Herschel’s dilemma in the interpretation of thermal radiation’ Isis 59 46–60. 36 Herschel W 1800 ‘Experiments on the refrangibility of the invisible rays of the sun’ 30 Light as a Law-Abiding Quantity Phil. Trans. R. Soc. 90 293. 37 Olson R E 1969 ‘A note on Leslies’ cube in the study of radiant heat’ Ann. Sci. 25 203. 38 Herschel W 1800 ‘Experiments on the solar, and on the terrestrial rays that occasion heat’ Phil.

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