A Startling Chess Opening Repertoire by Chris Baker

By Chris Baker

Bored with being shocked within the commencing by way of your rivals? Horrified by means of the assumption of learning many hours every one week to maintain up to date with main-line openings? Then this can be the booklet for you! here's a repertoire of starting traces for White, in keeping with beginning with Bobby Fischer's favourite circulate 1 e4, which are a bit off the crushed music, yet packed with sensible sting and crafty traps for unwary competitors. All are according to fast, fit improvement, imperative keep watch over and play opposed to the enemy king. You move immediately from the outlet right into a sharp, little-explored middlegame the place you can be higher ready than your opponent.

Author Chris Baker is a robust English participant who accomplished his ultimate norm for the overseas grasp name within the British League in 1995-96. he's a full-time chess coach and a typical event competitor. this is often his first e-book for Everyman Chess.

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LtJxe5 10 f4 ltJc6 Sometimes, following a sacrificial offer, the defending side chooses to return material. In the present context, returning material would not relieve Black's game: 1 0 . . td6 ( I O ... d6?? th6. Is This Move Really Possible? II e5 ltJgS 12 f5 tiJh6 The following examples illustrate situations where a move is so surprising and extraordinary that one suspects there may be something wrong with the initial position. 12 . bs 13 e6 dxe6 14 fxe6 f5 is a probable improvement. Hoffmann Heilbronn 1 964 HIP M ip M i A series of strange moves which have actually been tested in many practical games.

Txb2 1 7 lte 1 . I. ta6 16 'ii'f6? txf5 7 d4 e4 8 4::\g5 d5 9 f3 e3 1 0 f4 38 Not So Elementary, My Dear Watson satisfactory capture: 24 . . ll:lxc4? 25 :xa7; 24 ... dxc4? 25 d5 ! :xc4 25 ll:ld2. w mm 1 m 1 ' mm . 'iib2 25 :eb1 ! :xa7 :e7 2S :as+ :es 29 dxe6 Much stronger than 29 d6 �d7. White has handled this complex MacCutcheon variation of the French Defence in an inaccurate manner. As a consequence, Black has a very comfortable position. :abl From a study by G. Kasparyan Such a move is seldom played voluntarily.

F7? 34 'ii'g 5+) 34 'ife5+. However, the text move should not lose. Zalts - Bludshtein Israeli championship, semi finals 1 996 lii 'm , m mt 32 �g1 ! Quietly sidestepping the pin. Obviously the white queen is taboo: 32 ... ltJxe6? 33 ltJf7++ �g8 34 ltJh6 mate. d4 . m. m mMm m a White to play 44 Peculiar Moves White threatened 35 lZ'lg6+, so Black is forced, willy-nilly, to accept the gift. xd4+ :r6 powerful idea. In such a case, play continues, in effect, on only one wing; we can mobilize all our forces wh ile our poor opponent cannot cross the wedge to rush over reinforcements.

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